The best Golf Glove for me

In my 6-year golf career, I had to search for a long time until I found a golf glove that really supported my game.

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My first golf glove

I have a hard time remembering it. At first, the topic of “gloves” wasn’t even on my radar. Of course I used one, but what brand it was, I have no idea.

The second glove

During a coaching session during my second golf season, I mentioned to my golf coach that the club would slip quite a bit when it was wet.

Sebastian then recommended a version made of kangaroo leather. My favorite shop also had this Hirzl Trust Control on offer and I was happy with it for at least two seasons.

But at some point the leather was too firm for me and too warm, especially in summer.

Many more gloves

A number of examples from other manufacturers followed. The WeatherSof from FootJoy was very popular with me for a long time. One or two Titleist gloves too. But I was never really convinced.

Until I became aware of Beaver Golf by chance at an Instagram event.

The best golf glove

Best golf glove from beaver golf

The previous gloves were made of a wide variety of materials: from synthetic fibers with a small amount of leather to full leather (from Titleist or Hirzl).
Beaver golf gloves are made from Cabretta leather and impress with their fit and air permeability.

What follows is a short advertising text from me 😉

The original BEAVER Glove – for everyone who doesn’t want to part with their bat

The Original BEAVER Glove is the perfect glove for all golfers who don’t want to part with their club. The glove made of the finest Cabretta leather has an optimal grip so that you don’t let go of the club even when hitting shots from the rough. The minimalist design is simple and functional at the same time and goes with any outfit.

The perforations on the top and bottom of the fingers ensure optimal ventilation so that your hands don’t get too hot. The small openings between the fingers also ensure that you can still grip your club handles well even when hitting shots from the bunker.

For even more comfort, the inside of the glove is slightly roughened, making it particularly soft. The four slightly elastic bands from the wrist to under the knuckles and the Velcro fastener with the BEAVER Golf logo ensure that the glove fits perfectly on your hand.

BEAVER Golf avoids toxins and plastic in both the glove and the packaging and attaches great importance to sustainable production. The material of the glove is 100% leather.

But be careful! The Original BEAVER Glove is so comfortable that you won’t want to take it off. So you’ll constantly be walking around with your club in your hand and annoying the other golfers.

So if you’re looking for a glove that will turn you into a golf nerd, then the Original BEAVER Glove is for you.

My conclusion

I’ve been living in Thailand since 2023 and there are no Beaver golf gloves there. You can also have these delivered to Thailand, but I prefer to have them brought to me from Germany.

But of course that doesn’t always work and I had to switch to other gloves. Only then did I realize how bad the other gloves are! No matter which one I tried, I wasn’t happy with it.

So I’m eagerly waiting for the next delivery from Germany. Maybe you’ll come along sometime, dear reader!

FAQ about golf gloves

What is Cabretta Leather?

Cabretta leather is a type of leather made from the hides of South American hair sheep. It is a very fine and soft leather that is suitable for a variety of uses including golf gloves, shoes and clothing.

Cabretta leather is typically chrome tanned, meaning it is treated with chromium salts to make it more durable and water-resistant. The leather is usually thin and has a smooth surface. However, it is also available in a rougher version called “Nubuck”.

Cabretta leather is known for its excellent grip properties. It is soft and supple, yet firm enough to firmly grip the racket or shoe. This makes it a popular choice for golf gloves and other applications where a good grip is important.

Cabretta leather is also relatively affordable. It is a good choice for people looking for a high quality leather that is still affordable.

Here are some of the benefits of Cabretta leather:

  • Fine and soft
  • Good grip properties
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Relatively affordable
  • Why do you only wear one golf glove?
  • In most cases, you only wear one glove when playing golf, on your non-dominant hand. The dominant hand is usually stronger and has more feeling. Therefore, it is not necessary to protect them with a glove. It is also important that the dominant hand still has some feeling to control the shot.

Why should you wear a golf glove?

  • Improved Control: The glove provides more friction between the hand and the handle of the racket, improving control of the shot.
  • Reduced vibrations: The glove dampens vibrations caused by impact. This can lead to less fatigue and better precision.

However, there are also some golfers who wear gloves on both hands or none at all. So it’s a matter of taste.

Which glove for golf (left or right)?

The hand placed at the top of the handle should be protected with a glove.

How should the golf glove fit?

A golf glove should fit snugly, but not pinch or be too short on the fingers. Please note that leather gloves will probably become a little smaller with use.

Most manufacturers offer a template to determine the correct size and perfect fit of the glove. You can then use this to determine your own size.

How long should a glove last?

It’s difficult to say in general terms. It depends on many factors:

  • How often is the glove used?
  • What are the environmental conditions (rain, sun, heat, cold)?
  • How strong is the grip on the bat? Some golfers choke on the grip so much that the glove is broken after a short time.
  • And of course it’s also a matter of taste: for some people, a discoloration is enough and they buy a new one, while others continue to wear it until it completely falls apart 🙂

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