The best Golf Glove for me

Best Golf Glove in Action

In my 6-year golf career, I had to search for a long time until I found a golf glove that really supported my game. If you’re not interested in the details, you can order right here and get an additional 10% discount*: My first golf glove I have a hard time remembering it. At first, … Read more

Looking back: Review of 2023

Jahresrückblick 2023

The golf season is of course never over here in Thailand – but for me it unfortunately ended before the end of the year. In mid-November, I made a detour to the Katathong golf course and had to stop after 12 holes due to pain in my left hand – the weather surprised me with … Read more

Championships 2022 – full of ups and downs

Headerbild zu den Clubmeisterschaften 2022

On September 3rd and 4th the time had come: The Club Championships started at Hohenhardter Hof in Wiesloch. The week before I had practiced: irons 6 and 7 and my wedges, which lately always went too far to the left. Also 2 practice rounds. My strategy: Again without driver and wood – club championships are … Read more

Less than 85 strokes in a tournament

Beitragsbild "Weniger als 85 Schläge im Turnier"

How could this happen? At the men’s golf on 13.7.2022 I compete in the tournament (sponsored by DVAG). The weather is great and my flight partners Otto and Peter are very pleasant companions. Also, today I decide to play without driver and wood. The days before, I had played an 86 in a private round. … Read more

Short Game in Golf

Golf bedeutet: Üben üben üben

After the first golf lesson, one thing quickly became clear to me: Without practice, this sport is not going to work! In tennis, soccer or other sports you can still muddle through with speed, commitment and athleticism, but here every mistake is immediately punished with a bad shot.But how and what is the best way … Read more

My first hole in one!

Banner für Artikel "Hole in One"

It’s winter and unfortunately in Germany we then often only play on front-laid winter greens. This means that the greens are just a small short mowed grass area with a bucket-like hole. This of course increases the probability of hitting a hole in one, as the hole is much larger. However, the turf is anything … Read more

Which Golfball is the best for me

Artikelbild zum Thema "Golfball"

Like any ball sport, golfers need a ball. Everyone knows the tennis ball, volleyball, basketball or soccer ball from school sports or from the baketball-court around the corner. But as a beginner, you usually only come into contact with a golf ball when you start playing that sport. Now I’m not sure how big the … Read more

My Golf-Outlook for 2021

Header zu Artikel "Ziele im Golf 2021"

I dedicate this post to the category “Handicap Challenge”. Because I want to improve my handicap in 2021? No! No? Yes, here’s the deal. In 2020 I played quite decent golf and finally managed to play my way down to “under 20”. The new WHS is also of this opinion and so I start the … Read more