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Hello on my website about golf!

About the Golfinspector

So far I have reported on the Internet almost exclusively about technical things (Excel templates, technology, website creation, etc.). Also my 3 books deal only with professional topics.

Looking back, however, it is at least as important to take care of the other parts of life and to make sure that you strive for a good balance between all areas. Oddly enough, it was golf that got me thinking about my life (even) more. Only by being “at peace” with myself, so to speak, and being able to laugh about my mistakes and shortcomings, does hitting a little white ball work for me 😉

My career choice

After graduating from high school in 1988 I actually wanted to do something with fashion: Open a boutique and go to London once a month to study the latest trends. That was my dream. Admittedly, my dreams changed back then almost as often as I changed my underwear. But no matter.

At that time, however, my career was still preceded by military service or civilian service. As is often the case, I took my cue from my older circle of friends, and they all joined the army. So I did too – even if everyone who knew me or knew me shook their heads about it. Well, the topic Bundeswehr would go beyond the scope of this article. Anyway, the time I spent there quickly gave me the impression that I wasn’t really ready to get up early and go to work.

So I switched from vocational training to studying. Since I was already rather inflexible at that time, the study should be possible absolutely in my hometown Hanover. A move to another city was not very appealing to me, since I had just bought my own apartment and knew how expensive a change would be.

The shortlist consisted of industrial design, physics and civil engineering.

The former was ruled out because my achievements, which were to be submitted in the form of a portfolio, would never have been sufficient. Physics was out of the question because my father had already studied it. He would only have talked me into it. So only the latter remained.

I went through with it until the end and became a graduate engineer specializing in urban and traffic planning (1990 – 1997).

The first real job

During my studies and also at school I always worked. I worked as a shelf stocker in a supermarket, as a pallet pusher at Bahlsen, as an all-rounder in my parents’ company, as a salesman in a fashion store chain, as a property manager and finally even in a funeral home.

But now my first real job was in an engineer’s office. I commuted daily from Hanover to Göttingen by ICE (and bicycle).

Nice colleagues, a great working environment and interesting tasks gave me a lot of positive energy and I felt fully convinced to stay here for a long time.

But then something came up

I had just settled comfortably into my job. I had even won a prize with my diploma thesis, was able to write a doctoral dissertation, and Fridays were given to me free in lieu of a salary increase. What great conditions for a brilliant life!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I couldn’t find a topic for my doctoral thesis and the work in the office became more and more unimaginative as well. All my elaborated proposals were waved off as too expensive and only standard was demanded. How boring.

Fortunately the topic “Internet” came up more and more. It was 1997 when I came into contact with it for the first time. It didn’t seem to me to be a very safe thing to do, and it seemed even more dubious to me that you could earn money with it. The stock exchange saw it differently at that time, but only until the crash in 2001. Anyway, the technology behind it interested me and a short time later I had created my first own website. Of course it wasn’t a great or pretty site; it was just about me and my hobbies (stocks & mountain biking).

Although it may sound funny – for the prospect of being able to make websites (for my parents’ company), I actually quit my secure job and ventured a complete lateral move into a subject I hadn’t even learned yet.

What a stroke of luck, because I still love doing this job today. Creating websites for people is a great thing, because it can be done without a lot of financial effort. I don’t have to pay in advance for material and in the worst case I only lose working time.
But looking back, this has happened to me only twice in 18 years of web services.

And what else?

In addition to this main job, I was employed for 2.5 years as an assistant at the University of Applied Sciences for Communication Design, Constance. There, too, I was able to learn a lot and was happy to get to know so many design-related exchanges. Even today I have contacts to the students of that time. Today I provide services for your companies 😉

Since the work behind the computer as a sole trader became too “asocial” for me, I started in 2002 to give lessons at the VHS Konstanz and at the Berufsakademie Ravensburg as an honorary lecturer. Working with people and teaching new material to students and people willing to learn is a great thing!

Until recently, I enjoyed giving courses in Adobe software. Today it’s limited to training in website delivery to clients.

Personal Development & Finances

There have been many personal tragedies in my life: quarrels with my father, early death of my mother, (first) marriage to an alcoholic, long lack of professional success (monetarily speaking), losses on the stock market and inheritance disputes often gave rise to bad phases.

Fortunately, my health was always spared and looking back I have to say that it is only because of these experiences that I am where I am now: An independent man with a lot of time, health, money and a wonderful wife and family.

Of course, this didn’t come overnight, but is due to an enormous amount of time I put into books, online guides and TV series (!!!).

But now to golf

As already described in the article “How I got into golf”, I had already swung the club at the age of 13 and from then on I was thrilled to chase after this little white ball. The career lasted only one year and my performance at that time was just enough for the course maturity (if they existed at all at that time). Anyway, it was clear to me that I would like to practice this sport again later in life.

I also knew that I would only enjoy this sport if I had “made it”, so to speak. If my professional, love and private life as well as my health are in top shape, then I would have my head free for this time-consuming sport.

Anyone who has ever gone out on the golf course after a miserable day at work or after an argument with their spouse will agree with me. Very few people are professional enough to turn off the noise in their head and devote themselves entirely to swinging and hitting. The score of the game usually shows very clearly your mental state!

It is now December 2018 where I am revising this article. I have been a golf club member since January and my handicap has gone up or down from PR or 54 to 21.4. In 11 matches, I made first place in my class 6 times. It turns out that my performance in this sport is quite useful and I still enjoy it.

It is now December 2023 and I am revising this article. I’ve been in Thailand since February and am reorienting myself golf-wise – where should my home club be, do I always want to play here or also spend time abroad?

I have created this website for beginners or players who want to finally improve their handicap to 36. And/or for my small number of fans who want to follow my activities on the golf course!

I hope you enjoy reading!